Honda Dream Collection

No matter your Honda model or lifestyle, you will always find something in our broad collection that fits your taste. Whether you wear the items during events or in your free time, you can make Honda a part of your life both on and off the road.

From clothing to accessories, Honda’s Dream Collection is produced with the same design and quality standards in mind as are used for the production of our cars, motorcycles or any other products. Experience the brand you trust with Honda’s Dream Collection.

The Collection

    • Polo Men

        Wear this grey polo to go about your daily business. It features contrasting red buttons on the collar and a red mesh pattern on the sides, along with a red Honda logo on the chest.

        Made of 50% polyester and 50% cotton pique.

        Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL

        Part No.: 08MLW-20G-P*

        Price: €62.97

    • T-Shirt Black

        While wearing this black polyester T-shirt you will feel light as a feather. The black T-shirt with contrasting red mesh patterns on the side really accentuates the figure. It features red Honda branding on the chest and on the sleeve.

        Made of 100% polyester.

        Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL

        Part No.: 08MLW-20G-TB*

        Price: €51.82

    • Hoodie

        With the black zip-up hoodie you will always be comfortable while showing off your Honda love. It features a grey hood with contrasting red adjusting cords and a white logo on the front. The front pockets stand out with the white mesh pattern.

        Made of 50% polyester and 50% cotton.

        Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL

        Part No.: 08MLW-20G-H*

        Price: €96.74

    • Softshell Jacket

        The black softshell jacket with contrasting red stripes and a red mesh on the side is the perfect jacket to wear when the days start to get a bit chillier. It features a breast pocket on the front and a red Honda logo on the shoulder.

        Made of 100% polyester.

        Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL

        Part No.: 08MLW-20G-SS*

        Price: €108.73

    • Shirt

        Suit up and get ready to go to your meetings today. This stylish white shirt with a red Honda writing above the front pocket and on the upper back is the perfect addition to your professional look. You can combine this with any item in your closet and still look great.

        Made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton.

        Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL

        Part No.: 08MLW-20G-S*

        Price: €71.34

    • T-Shirt Light Grey

        If you need a T-shirt you can wear at all times, the grey T-shirt with a white Honda logo and a black checkered flag on the front is your way to go. It features a red Honda label on the bottom.

        Made of 100% cotton.

        Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL

        Part No.: 08MLW-20G-TDG*

        Price: €37.71

    • T-Shirt White

        This white T-shirt features a vertical tire profile with a contrasting red Honda logo on the front. It also features a red ‘Honda’ label on the bottom. The perfect addition for your casual summer look.

        Made of 100% cotton.

        Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL

        Part No.: 08MLW-20G-TLG*

        Price: €37.71

    • Flatpeak Cap

        Stand out with this modern flatpeak cap. It comes in black with a dark grey Honda logo on the front. This is a great and subtle way to complete your sleek look.

        Made of 100% cotton, a plastic closure and rubber badge.

        This item needs to be ordered per 2 pcs.

        Part No.: 08MLW-20G-FCAP

        Price: €24.23

    • Beanie

        The classic red and black beanie is the perfect way to make your look complete during those cold winter days.

        Made of 100% acrylic.

        Part No.: 08MLW-20G-HAT

        Price: €20.79

    • Baseball Cap

        The classic cap is a comfortable and fashionable item for all our fans. It comes in black with a red edge on the peak and a contrasting red Honda branding on the side. With the dark grey Honda logo on the front, the look is complete.

        Made of 100% cotton, a metal buckle and rubber badge.

        This item needs to be ordered per 2 pcs.

        Part No.: 08MLW-20G-BCAP

        Price: €24.23

    • Water Bottle

        A practical infuser bottle that is very easy to carry with you. It contains a built-in straw, which can be folded down in order to avoid spilling while carrying. The bottle cap also features a handle, while the infuser insert is on the bottom to ensure it can be used to the very last drop. The bottle is red and transparent with a red Honda logo on the side. BPA free.

        Made of Eastman Tritan copolyester.

        Part No.: 08MLW-20G-BTL

        Price: €58.39

    • Umbrella

        Make no mistake, this is no ordinary umbrella. When folded, this umbrella is as small and light as a 23”inch umbrella. When opening this umbrella, it will automatically unfold to a generous 27”inch format. Suitable for two people and is storm-proof

        Made of 100% polyester.

        Part No.: 08MLW-20G-UMB

        Price: €61.65

    • Duffle Bag

        This unique duffle bag is equipped with a main compartment and slanted pocket on the front. It also has a removable shoulder bag for easy carrying.
        Dimensions are L x W x H: 47,5 x 29 x 23,20.

        Made of 100% PolyCanvas.

        Part No.: 08MLW-20G-DUF

        Price: €40.58

    • Sunglasses

        The sun’s out, so make sure you are protected! Wear these black sunglasses with a white Honda logo on the sides whenever you go outside. The blue reflective lenses contribute to the modern style of these sunglasses (Pack of four).

        Made of Cadmium, Lead, Nickel Release and Organic Tin. UV400 Protection, ISO12312.

        Part No.: 08MLW-20G-SUN

        Price €44.00

    • Wireless Charger
and Powerbank

        This wireless charger ensures charging your devices with great ease. You no longer need to connect many different cords and cables to a charger before the product starts charging. All you have to do is put the smartphone on the wireless pad and the charging will start. It features an indicator with the remaining battery charge.

        Made of high quality aluminium. 4000 mAh capacity, exit port 5V/2,1A, entry port 5V/1,5A. Wireless charging output 5W.

        Wireless charging not supported by all smartphones. The charger does also support charging via cable connection

        Part No.: 08MLW-20G-PWB

        Price: €64.25

    • 4-in-1 Tool

        This multifunctional tool is the perfect item to have in your car. It features a COB light, safety hammer, belt cutter and magnet. The light can be converted to a red alarm light in an emergency situation. With the built-in magnet this tool can easily be mounted on your vehicle or any other magnetic surface to provide light where needed.

        Made of high quality aluminium.

        Part No.: 08MLW-20G-4IN1

        Price: €25.92

    • Pins

        Nickel cast H-logo to complement your formal look. Can be worn on any textile material with the butterfly closure on the back.

        Packed per 10.

        Part No.: 08MLW-20G-PIN

        Price: €40.05

    • Charging Cable

        This retractable 3-in-1 charging cable allows you to connect and charge multiple devices via a single USB-socket. The item is equipped with a USB connection, a lightning connection, a micro-USB connection and a USB-C connector. This item brandishes the Honda logo and can also be used as a phone stand

        Part No.: 08MLW-20G-CCA

        Price: €29.64

    • Stuffed Animal Sheep

        A perfect gift for the youngest members of the Honda family! This soft sheep with a black Honda branded scarf will make everyone’s heart melt.

        Made of polyester, with PET pellets in tissue bags as filling.

        Part No.: 08MLW-20G-SHP

        Price: €28.47

    • Bib

        Turn your little one into a real Honda lover. This woven bib with a Velcro closure will keep your baby safe and clean at all times.
        Dimensions: 20 x 32 cm.

        Made of polyester velour and cotton terry.

        This item needs to be ordered per 3 pcs.

        Part No.: 08MLW-20G-BCAP

        Price: €11.79

    • Soother

        Red and white orthodontic transparent silencers featuring the Honda logo. Size 2 (6-18 months). Each blister contains two soothers.

        Made from BPA-free silicon, EN1400 compliant.

        Packed by four (packed in two blisters of two pieces).

        Part No.: 08MLW-18G-SIL

        Price: €29.55

    • Re-Usable Face Mask

        Stay safe in style! With the black re-usable Face Mask with red Honda branding, you can protect yourself and others while showing your support for our brand.

        Made of 100 % Cotton with rubber bands for your comfort.

        Packed by ten.

        Part No.: 08MLW-20S-MASK

        Price: €140.90

    • Fountain Pen

        Make a lasting impression thanks to this premium quality Waterman fountain pen. This fountain pen has a stainless steel finish showing the Honda logo. It’s packed in a luxurious gift box and comes with an ink filling.

        Part No.: 08MLW-18G-FPEN

        Price: €164.91

    • Lanyard

        The dark grey lanyard with silk imprint logos has a quick release buckle around the key area. The metal hook makes adding or taking off keys very smooth and easy. Packed per ten.

        Made of 100% polyester.

        Part No.: 08MLW-20G-LANY

        Price: €62.97

    • Bluetooth Speaker

        Enjoy your favourite tunes with this compact yet powerful Bluetooth 3W speaker featuring the Honda logo. With a playing time of up to 4 hours on a single charge and an operating radius of 10m, this speaker will surely impress everybody. It includes an ambient blue light on the bottom and comes with a pick-up function to answer incoming calls hands-free.

        Specifications: aluminium design with built-in 300 mAh lithium battery.

        Part No.: 08MLW-18G-SPK

        Price: €51.69

    • Mug

        This set consists of two different mugs in one box. The white mug features a grey tire pattern with a red Honda logo, while the black version has a grey checkered flag pattern with a red Honda logo.

        Made of ceramic.

        Part No.: 08MLW-20G-MUG

        Price: €29.38

    • Espresso Cups

        Enjoy your shot of espresso with these classy espresso cups. These white cups feature a grey tire pattern and a red Honda logo. A white saucer is included for each cup (Pack of two).

        Part No.: 08MLW-20G-ESP

        Price: €36.54

    • Touch Key Chain Pen

        Use this Touch Key Chain Pen to avoid touching screens and buttons with your fingers. The special tip can be used to control electronic devices such as smartphones, but also to type in your PIN code when paying in the store. You no longer have to worry about washing your hands after touching other surfaces. Can also be used as a regular ballpoint pen, contains blue ink.

        Pack of ten.

        Part No.: 08MLW-20S-TKPEN

        Price: €28.65

*All quoted prices are subjected to VAT.

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